Ten Banana Benefits For Women

A Banana a day, keeps the doctor away. Yes, many of you must be amused by this quote because till now most of us have used the phrase in a different way i.e. “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. But Banana has more health benefits than apple; it has more vitamins and nutrients and is also rich in potassium and natural sugars. You should add bananas to your morning diet, as it is valuable for health.

Banana has more health benefits then one can think of. Here are all those benefits listed for you!

1.    Get rid of menstrual cramps

Rather than taking pain killers to reduce the pain why don’t you try and eat a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 that helps to regulate blood glucose level and in balancing your overall mood and reduce the pain.

2.    Beneficial for pregnant women

Bananas are very beneficial for pregnant women as it contains fabulous nutrients and have a level of vitamin c, vitamin B6 and fiber. During pregnancy bananas help you keep your blood pressure at a healthy level and blood sugar at a low level. Bananas help pregnant women to combat their morning sickness and feel healthy and fresh.

3.    Mosquito bite

Rubbing the inside peel of a banana on a bug bite for 5-10 minutes can reduce the itching or swelling to a minimal. You might even find that this home remedy medication works better than creams or pain killers.

4.    Fights Depression

Presence of Tryptophan acids (a type of protein) in Banana helps to treat depression. Bananas also contains dopamine, which regulates our mood, reduce stress and builds emotional stability.

5.    Good for your Heart

Bananas are good for your Heart and reduce the risk of Heart diseases as they are rich in potassium which is essential for your Heart. Fiber, vitamin c and vitamin B6 in bananas promote healthy heart cells and protect the heart from damage.

6.    Gives you Healthy Bones

Banana gives your body the iron that it needs with this it banana is rich in calcium which is one of the requirements for healthy bones. Green bananas (also known as Plantains) are helpful in absorbing calcium. Green bananas are excellent for your bones as they contain SCFA’s (fatty acids) which make them twice as effective for your bones.

7.    Gives you Smooth and Silky Hair

Bananas are packed with natural oil, carbohydrates, nutrients, potassium and vitamins and all these minerals help in smoothing and growth of hair. Banana when used for hair is often created beneficial as it gives shine to our hair; reduce shrinkage and presence of vitamin B helps in the prevention of split ends. It even helps in repairing dry and sun-damaged hair. So in spite of eating that last banana you have, try using it as your hair mask to get smooth, healthy and shiny hair.

8.    Anti – ageing

Bananas are not only good for your health but they have anti-ageing properties as well that keep your skin glowing and looking younger. Banana peel helps to get rid of wrinkles.

Apply a peel of banana on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes every day to get a soft and youthful skin. You can even make a mask by adding rose water or honey. Keep it for 20-25 minutes and then wash it off with water.

9.    Helps in Weight loss

Every day we do certain things to lose those extra pounds on our body, sometimes by following a strict diet plan and sometimes by putting aside all our favorite snacks. Bananas are low in calories and their calories are nearly fat free calories. One theory suggests that certain enzymes present in bananas speed up digestion and elimination, which helps in rapid weight loss.

10.  Say goodbye to puffy eyes

Reducing undereye bags does not necessarily require a great deal of money and creams. Bananas are rich source of potassium which helps to regulate the fluid levels under the eye reducing puffiness or swelling.

Mash half a banana or apply the peel directly under your eyes for 15 minutes and see the puffiness going away yourself.

After knowing numerous health benefits of this exceptionally healthy “superfood”, I am sure everybody will now start to grab this fruit and there would be a severe shortage of bananas in the market. Clear some space for this healthy fruit in your kitchen as well.